Friday's RV Retreat and Fly Fishing Ranch


From I-5 take Hwy. 89 to McCloud. Turn right onto Squaw Valley Rd. Drive 6 miles to Friday's RV Retreat and Fly Fishing Ranch. The fly fishing pond is  spring fed and stocked with Rainbow Trout. There is also private fishing on Squaw Valley Creek with native fish . Both the fly fishing pond and the creek are catch and release only. Please contact Bob Friday at 530-964-2878 for rates on use of the pond and for private or group lessons.


McCloud Reservoir "Lake McCloud"

From I-5, take Hwy. 89 to McCloud. Turn right (south) onto Squaw Valley Rd. Drive 10 miles to Lake McCloud boat ramp or continue to the Lake McCloud Dam.

Held by a large dam, Lake McCloud is deep, incredibly blue/green and very cold. McCloud River’s clear waters flow into the lake at the north end.

Steep banks and scarce parking areas make shore angling challenging, although dam reached by the lakeshore road is easily accessible and productive.

Boat fishing is recommended both winter and summer. A public boat ramp and boat trailer parking area is at the Squaw Valley Road approach to the lake. Troll deep during the warm summer months with bait or lures.~ Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce


The McCloud River

The McCloud River parallels Highway 89 from its source near Dead Horse Summit to Fowler’s Campground. There it turns south and continues through private property to McCloud Reservoir. (It is suggested that kayakers not venture onto private land, even for breaks). At McCloud Reservoir, the river again flows through National Forest lands to a point several miles below Ah-Di-Na Campground, plus several other areas downstream to the McCloud Nature Preserve. From here, the river passes through mostly private property and public access is extremely limited until the river enters Shasta Lake. ~USDA

Upper McCloud River 

The McCloud River and its tributaries offer excellent fishing opportunities. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife regularly stock the Upper McCloud River at Lower Falls and the McCloud Reservoir with rainbow trout. Lower McCloud River. ~USDA

The Lower McCloud River

The Lower McCloud River from McCloud Reservoir to Shasta Lake, has been designated a Wild Trout Stream by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This portion of the river is not artificially stocked and has special fishing regulations. Only artificial flies and lures with barbless hooks can be used. At the McCloud River Preserve, located one mile below Ah-DiNa Campground, fishing is limited to catch and release only. ~USDA

Endangered species

Photography by Joel Sartore/National Geographic Stock with Wade Fredenberg/USFWS

Bull trout are a cold-water fish of  pristine stream and lake habitats in western 
North America. The McCloud River is the only fishery in California which supports the now rare Bull Trout, also known as the Dolly Varden Trout. Actually a member of the Char family, it is found between Lower Falls and Shasta Lake. Because it is considered an endangered species by the State of California, it must be released if caught. ~USDA 


Squaw Valley Creek

From I-5, take  Hwy. 89 to McCloud. Turn right onto Squaw Valley Rd. for 6.1 miles just past Friday's RV Retreat. Turn right  onto Squaw Vally Creek Rd (gravel/dirt) for 3.1 miles. The parking lot is just pass the concrete bridge. The trailhead is off to the left.


McCloud River Preserve, Nature Conservancy 

The preserve allows 10 anglers to fish using catch and release techniques at any one time. Five of these fishing places may be reserved a least a few weeks in advance through the Conservancy's San Francisco office: 201 Mission Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105; phone (415) 777-0487.

The remaining five fishing spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are held until 10 a.m. of the date reserved. Anglers may use spinning or fly equipment, but the creel limit is zero and fishing is catch and release only. Single, barbless hooks are required by state law.

From I-5, take  Hwy. 89 to McCloud. Turn right onto Squaw Valley Rd for 9 miles  following the  to McCloud Reservoir ("Lake McCloud"). Stay right, following the road above the reservoir's west shore until you have driven 11.4 miles from the turn off Highway 89.

Turn right onto a dirt road and follow the signs to Ah-Di-Na Campground six miles ahead (17.4 miles from Highway 89). This dirt road - very rough and rocky, narrow in spots, winding but not steep - is negotiable in a two-wheel-drive vehicle as long as it hasn't rained or snowed recently.

The road dead-ends at the McCloud River Preserve parking area 1.1 miles beyond the campground. Park here and follow the foot trail one-third mile to the preserve headquarters. There is an informational kiosk, staff residence and a sign-in booth at the preserve headquarters. ~Nature Conservancy