Enjoy a day kayaking in the lake or plan an adventure on the Lower McCloud River

Kayaking the Lower McCloud River

Welcome to this whitewater boating web-guide. River descriptions include recommended flows for different crafts and links to real-time flow data. Most creeks are not boatable all year, so check flows before embarking.

The lower McCloud is a classic run for inflatable kayaks in late summer or early fall when little else is running. At such times, most hardshell kayakers find flows too skimpy, and rafters would be soon stymied by a myriad of rock monsters. During spring runoff, however, even rafts can negotiate this run with a bit of boat dragging near the beginning. Scenery and solitude are excellent, and catch-and-release fishing is superb. The relatively high altitude and latitude make for cool weather. Some boaters do this run in one day, but it is a very long day indeed....~by http://www.cacreeks.com/mccloud1.htm